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Looking for a good Air Conditioning Repairs Orlando? 

Look no more! We offer you the top repair technicians! Our Technicians can offer service on your ac unit, from routine maintenance, and repair service We provide reliable ac repairs Orlando for your home or office. 


An old unit

Like everything else an air conditioning unit has a lifespan. Most HVAC Orlando units have a 10-14 year lifespan. If your HVAC System is beyond that age, this will result in more air conditioner repair expenses. Talk to our air conditioning contractor today to see if it would be better to just get a new hvac system. AC repair in Orlando can sometimes be more expensive of the long run. 

Lack of Proper Maintenance

Every spring you should have a routine scheduled maintenance of your air conditioning system. To keep your ac repair Orlando FL costs to a minimum a yearly ac check is a must. Going years without routine maintenance can cause your ac system to not be cooling as efficiently as possible. These yearly services are a must to keep from having costly emergency calls for your hvac. 

Poor Repair Service

We all love doing thing ourselves around the house, but air conditioning repair is one you want to stay away from. Orlando A C Repair can be extremely challenging. Any air conditioning repair should be done by someone who has experience in air conditioning repair Orlando experience. Our technicians have years of experience in heating and ac repair. So to have the best ac contact us for a service call and request a Orlando air conditioning repair technician to come to your home.

In Orlando FL, it is extremely important to have your air conditioning working. If your air conditioning is not getting the proper maintenance your will be stuck with an emergency at your home and require our technicians services for air conditioner repair at the worst time. So be sure to check off the above list to have the best cooling system at home at all times. 

Should you call for Emergency Air Conditioning Repair?

As noted Orlando FL is known for it's heat and humidity. An AC Cooling system working with no problem is essential. So to keep from your ac going completely out call us right away if you are in the Orlando Florida area for air conditioner repair if you notice any problem from the following list. 

  • Your air conditioning is not starting
  • If your air conditioning stops running and will not start again for long periods of time.
  • Your air quality is reduced or it feels as if it is blowing heat. 
  • The evaporator or indoor unit is leaking water
  • If the air conditioning unit is making a weird noise.
  • The air conditioner fan is not spinning.
  • Your Thermostat for the air conditioner is not working properly.
  • The air conditioner has ice on the lines or frozen up around the compressor
  • Most importantly you will need ac repair in Orlando if the lines are broken or damaged

Is your thermostat screen blank?

The new digital thermostats give you easy to read screens that let you program you cooling settings as well as your heating on your ac. The thermostat is the main control for your ac.

Digital thermostats will show a blank screen when there is no power going to the wall unit. Which means you now have no control over your ac. 

There are two easy fixes that normally will get your ac running its best again. 

Your thermostat will normally give you a warning that the batteries are running low a couple of months before they die. So make it a routine to look for this indicator at least once a month. 
Replacing the Battery
This is and easy repair that any DIY can do to get their ac back up and running. Just remove the cover of the thermostat and replace the batteries. They are usually double A (AA). Sometimes you will have to reset the date and time on the thermostat once this is done

Wired units
Some home thermostats are hard wired into the electrical system. So if you have no batteries you may want to check to see if there is a tripped breaker. If so then just reset it. 

If none of the get your ac thermostat back up and running and you need a repair in Orlando. Contact Us to schedule an ac repair. 

Changing your Air Filter for your Air Conditioning Orlando System

We have another service that can be DIY but sometimes is a challenge for our clients. Every 30 to 90 days depending on the type of filter you will need to change out your AC Filter to have the best ac efficiency you can get. 

Regular maintenance of your office or home heating and cooling system is necessary not just for efficiency but it will also help with the life span of your unit. 

Here are 4 easy steps to replacing you air filter. 

  • First you have to purchase a new air filter. You want to check the size of the air filter before you go to purchase one. You can check if there is writing on the old filter that tells you the size or you can use a tape measure and measure it yourself. 
  • You always want to turn things off before you work on them and your ac unit is no different. You can turn it off at the thermostat or the breaker. Either way is fine just make sure you don't skip this step for safety. 
  • The majority of air filters are at the base of the unit normally in a closet in the garage. The filter should easily pull out of the slot. You won't see it as often anymore but some air filters are in the return air vent, or even on rooftops for commercial units. If this is the case you may want to contact an AC Professional. 
  • Now all you have to do is put the new filter in. There are arrows on the filter to show you which side should be facing the motor. These arrows should be pointing the blower and the filter should slide into place. 

How Much Does it Cost to Replace AC in Florida? There is a simple and straight forward question that every person looking to buy a new unit of AC in Florida should ask. In case you are unaware, it is quite possible that the amount of money that is spent on the new unit of

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